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The Zen of Bamboo

Don’t pooh-pooh bamboo! Versatile and simple, it crops up in many guises

HokusaiBamboo copyHokusai – bamboo

A miracle of nature, bamboo is a multi talented material not only strong and practical but also beautiful in its simplicity and grace. I have a deep attraction for anything “bamboo” themed. It is the form and “vibe” of bamboo that I am most interested in. That is what the Italian fashion brand Gucci and some of the more exotic objects and jewelry I describe have in common. I also found some surprising and unexpected ways bamboo can be used! More will be revealed at the end of this post.

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Hats off to Orlando!

A 25 000 dollar Panama hat anyone?

mylesHatMy late friend Myles’ “Super Fino” Panama hat

You heard that right, I got that price straight from the elegant and knowledgable hat maker extraordinaire, Orlando Palacios, owner of Worth & Worth in New York.

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The Call of Liberty

The Lure of all things Liberty of London!

On a recent visit to London I made my “pilgrimage” to Liberty, the iconic department store. Part “sentimental journey”, part “thrill of discovery”, I came across this charming Liberty print in the famous “Tana Lawn” crisp cotton that responded to my love for all things “wild”:

liberty10“Queue For The Zoo”

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Traveling in Style

Where are the days when traveling required dressing up and great luggage?

Is there anything more depressing than the huddled masses you encounter shuffling through airports and train stations? What happened to dressing smartly when traveling? Have we given in to comfort over style all together? Here a few reminders what we could look like when on the move:

Jane+Fonda-Chanel+1965Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim in the 1960’s, Jane is wearing Chanel

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A blast from the past!



Sleek, sexy and happening, this blood orange portable typewriter in its custom case embodies the epitome of cool as the accessory of the on-the-go jet setting people of the early seventies. These happening folks needed to be ready anywhere in the world to write letters and notes using Olivetti’s distinct neat type font.

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