A blast from the past!

by Dorothea



Sleek, sexy and happening, this blood orange portable typewriter in its custom case embodies the epitome of cool as the accessory of the on-the-go jet setting people of the early seventies. These happening folks needed to be ready anywhere in the world to write letters and notes using Olivetti’s distinct neat type font.


This flower-power girl is ready to confront the world, jetting off and ready to correspond. Forget the beauty case, this chick is carrying her Valentine!

Designed in 1969 by the Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and British designer Perry King, the Valentine became part of the MOMA design collection as early as 1971.

I was lucky to recently find a pristine one on Ebay, as these typewriters are now highly collectible. Funnily enough they were never a commercial success, although portable, they are quite cumbersome and heavy.


But never mind that, the color, plastic material and sleek design make it a great prop on your desk! The ads for the Valentine are so fantastic, they are very much in the vein of the glamorous Martini commercials of that era: jet age, cool and youthful chic folks traveling the world to exotic destinations. Even the pilot finds time in the cockpit to write a letter…


I just find the whole vibe of this machine terrific and I am very happy to see that “groovy” Valentine on my desk!

If you can’t find a Valentine typewriter, you can always buy the Olivetti font for your computer:

Happy Typing