I am Dorothea, a French-Dutch Countess with a roving eye for all things elegant and timeless. My home is a chateau in Normandy, France, but all the world’s my stage…


I want to share with you my “esprit”, a uniquely French notion meaning “sprightliness of spirit or wit; lively intelligence”, from the Latin “spiritus” (spirit).

The subjects I write about are my passions and interests , I get no financial gain out of any of the brands or places I describe, I just love to share my ideas and discoveries!

So… I invite you to follow me on my journey to discover Elegance and Esprit in art, architecture, “objets”, inspiring women, mythology, philosophy, history, music, films & much more…

“All the world’s a stage” is the phrase that begins a monologue from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It