Palais Royal Perfumer

by Dorothea

The Mystical World of Serge Lutens, Make-up Artist & Perfumer Extraordinaire

Serge Lutens is a Grand Master of Maquillage, he created some of the most unforgettable make-up advertisements for Shiseido and Dior. Each “look” he ever created is a work of art, a Surrealist portrait, with every minute detail controlled to create a total atmosphere of rarity and mystery. Below you will find a “Create the look” tutorial.


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In an age where we are bombarded with hundreds of so called “designer” perfumes, I invite you to discover the man who invented this concept. When you enter into the “boudoir” boutique of the perfumer Serge Lutens nestled in the arcades of the Palais Royal in Paris, you are transported into another universe. You can buy the perfumes on line, but the top line is available at only a few locations in the world, so a pilgrimage to the Palais Royal is a must to choose your perfume at leisure…

SLBoutique2Interior of Serge Lutens Boutique in the Palais Royal in Paris


The elegant understated bottles tell all about the quality of  the perfumes. In this series there are 37 different scents, it is hard not to fall in love with at least one or two. My own favorite is “Un Bois Sepia”. Not by a long stretch the most expensive of “exclusive”perfumes, the quality is so hight that a bottle lasts you over a year…


“Create the Look” with a Pat McGrath tutorial