Beeb! Beeb!

by Dorothea

What would we do without the “BEEB”, i.e. short for the BBC?

broadcastinghousecompleteThe original Broadcasting House in London

Don’t get me wrong, the other Brit channels are great too, and some “foreign” channels also, but the Power House of quality television is in my opinion the British Broadcasting Company…

Hurray for the BBC Iplayer app for your Ipad, a wealth of quality TV for a few dollars per month…

You will not stop talking about the delightful Dr. Brian Cox, at the moment his full series “The Wonders of the Universe” is on Iplayer:

3-universe“The Wonders of the Universe” with Dr. Brian Cox

Spiff up your dinner conversation with knowledge about subjects ranging from tattoos to luxury in Ancient Greece! Antagonize your friends with opinions about the Euro or why the Chinese are fooling the world!

BBC-China-Feb14“How China fooled the world” with Robert Peston

Understand the strange side of America with documentary maker Louis Theroux and be knowledgable about the German film director Werner Hertzog because you saw him interviewed on HARDtalk…

Frankly, I would top myself in the styx of Normandy without my BBC Iplayer! Rather than playing Solitaire, watching an amusing or informative program will do wonders for morale!

Every few weeks the BBC refreshes the content, a great mixture of your favorite old series (Fawlty Towers anyone?), films and documentaries of such a variety of subjects that it sometimes is hard to choose!

FawltyGermansJohn Cleese in “Fawlty Towers” episode “The Germans”

You can also download the content so you can watch it when you are WIFIless!

Beeb Beeb! Get the BBC Iplayer!