by Dorothea

The Ultimate Literary, Art & Fashion Magazine.

Run to get the 17th issue today!

In 1977 Nicole Wisniak created a gigant sized art and literary magazine in Paris called “Egoïste”. It is literally a “one woman show”. So far only 17 issues have been published at irregular intervals, as Nicole orchestrates her magazine to the last detail. She has persuaded over the years a most eclectic and talented group of photographers, writers, artists and musicians to participate in each publication that is part fashion bible and part literary journal.

exemple maq EgoisteCover of Egoïste Issue No 17 – Cate Blanchett photographed by Paolo Roversi

Nicole curates each issue with minute attention to detail, even “creating” ads for the luxury brands that are exclusive to Egoïste! She does not care how long it takes, one, two or even four years to prepare a new issue. And: it is published only in French, but avidly read and collected around the world; that just shows you what happens if you stick to your guns and that quality has no boundaries…

EgiosteAdDysonCustom Dyson ad for Egoïste, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth

Each issue is now a collectors item, I remember a vendor would come by at Café de Flore in Paris and we would fork out the astronomical sum that the magazine cost without hesitation, we knew it was worth it. This is the power of intellectual and esthetic exclusivity, I still have all my issues lovingly displayed in my bookshelves. Check out Egoïste’s site where to buy a copy.

EgoisteNewtonHelmut Newton cover on Issue No 7 in 1990

Egoiste was way ahead of its time, banking on a very small circulation and high quality, it weighs a ton and has an impossible size, but it is the ultimate magazine and has inspired a whole world of limited edition publications, like the ACNE PAPER, published by the Swedish fashion brand ACNE.

AP_12Cover ACNE PAPER No 12

“Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul”.
Friedrich Nietzsche