I see things, wonderful things…

by Dorothea

On 26 November 1922, Howard Carter peeked into Tutankhamun’s Tomb and glimpsed the pharoah’s treasure by candlelight. ‘Can you see anything?’ asked Lord Caernavon, ‘Yes, wonderful things’ Howard Carter famously replied…

This is exactly how I feel when entering René and Barbara Stoeltie’s elegant Gemini Art Gallery, just off the famous Place des Sablons, in Brussels. With an uncanny eye and faultless taste, René and Barbara offer something for every budget.


An eclectic mixture of “objets”, furniture, art works and books jostle for space in this wonderful treasure trove. Clients from far and wide clammer to see and buy their latest “finds”.


Their exciting window displays change every week, often selling out before they are properly installed, here is René at work:


And here is the end result!


The Gemini Art Gallery

14 rue des Minimes – 1000 Brussels