Romeo, where art thou?

by Dorothea

One of my favorite fashion designers from the late eighties is Romeo Gigli. His boutique in the Marais in Paris created a whole new concept in retail. A bare loft in an 17th century building, his garments hung from poles, suspended from the ceiling. He was the master of silhouette and craftsmanship, his use of color unique and subtle, I therefore cry out: where is the Romeo Gigli of today?


The great illustrator Mats Gustafson captured this silhouette for one of the beautiful invitations that were sent out to come and discover the new collection. I have framed several of these invitations, subtle watercolors drawings on thick cream carton. Not surprising that Mats’ watercolors do so much justice to Gigli’s creations! Admire this look:


Here another of Mats’ drawings for Romeo Gigli.

mats2 I can only pine…