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Traveling in Style

Where are the days when traveling required dressing up and great luggage?

Is there anything more depressing than the huddled masses you encounter shuffling through airports and train stations? What happened to dressing smartly when traveling? Have we given in to comfort over style all together? Here a few reminders what we could look like when on the move:

Jane+Fonda-Chanel+1965Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim in the 1960’s, Jane is wearing Chanel

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Frederico Fellini vs Wes Anderson

When the great Italian film director Frederico Fellini suddenly died in 1993, we mourned his loss…no more of his fantastical, poetic, funny and tender portrayals of characters and events…my husband Gilles and I were in mourning… But then the wonderful whimsical film director Wes Anderson came onto the scene, and we were immediately drawn into his world of dysfunctional families, deep sea explorers, Indian train journeys, animated animals, boy scouts and more recently, a magical grand hotel in the sinister interbellum..

GrandBud3The “fantastical” Grand Budapest Hotel on the mountain top…

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