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California Dreamin’… and Drivin’…

Speedin’, cruisin’ or crawlin’: the car is King in Los Angeles

Palm3Palm Tree on Rodeo drive

As a pretty savvy driver, who can take on any Parisian around the Arc de Triomph in Paris, I find driving in LA a whole other proposition. If you are zooming along, or crawling at a snails pace, LA is the city where you spend more time in a car than anywhere else!

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Glass Signature


Perhaps the world’s first “brand” logo from the first century AD


Glass is one my all-consuming passions, I collect it from all over the world, but ancient glass is perhaps the most fascinating of all. Despite its fragility, beautiful glass objects have survived the ravages of time and none are more compelling than these signed pieces by Ennion.

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The Call of Liberty

The Lure of all things Liberty of London!

On a recent visit to London I made my “pilgrimage” to Liberty, the iconic department store. Part “sentimental journey”, part “thrill of discovery”, I came across this charming Liberty print in the famous “Tana Lawn” crisp cotton that responded to my love for all things “wild”:

liberty10“Queue For The Zoo”

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Traveling in Style

Where are the days when traveling required dressing up and great luggage?

Is there anything more depressing than the huddled masses you encounter shuffling through airports and train stations? What happened to dressing smartly when traveling? Have we given in to comfort over style all together? Here a few reminders what we could look like when on the move:

Jane+Fonda-Chanel+1965Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim in the 1960’s, Jane is wearing Chanel

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Stone Age

From “The Flintstones” to Modern Man:

How a sharp flint became a tool and transformed us into Homo Sapiens.

HandAxStone hand ax found by my father in Kenya in the early 1960’s

I remember visiting a place called the Olduvai Gorge with my parents in Kenya where a Doctor Louis Leakey, a paleoanthropologist and archaeologist, with his wife Mary were making groundbreaking fossil discoveries. You could drive up there in a cloud of dust, jump out of the car and converse with him about their finds!

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