Mighty Aphrodite

by Dorothea

On a visit to Houston recently, I spent time at the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts. They have a very fine archeological department where I fell in love with this exquisite gold wreath. I could not believe how old it was, dated between 330 and 250 BC! The workmanship is mind blowing, you just about feel the paper thin leaves quiver in the wind…I assumed it was a Laurel Wreath, but in fact it is a Myrtle Wreath, associated with the goddess Aphrodite, which made it even more appealing!


GREEK Myrtle Wreath 330-250 BC Gold 12 x 1 3/8 inches

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

A plant sacred to the goddess Aphrodite, myrtle was a symbol of love. Greeks wore wreaths made of real myrtle leaves at weddings and banquets, received them as athletic prizes and awards for military victories, and wore them as crowns to show royal status.


Statue of Aphrodite, 2nd century BC, at the

National Archeological Museum of Athens