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Tender is the Button!

Clothes might make the man but the right button makes the statement!

TB-2 2

As my mantra is “A fabulous life on a shoestring”, the RIGHT buttons play a BIG role in this. The most ordinary cardigan, coat or blouse can be turned into something fabulous by putting on great buttons. The large French Army button above adorns the peacoat of a stylish friend to great effect!

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Fantastical Fornasetti

The whimsical world of eclectic Italian designer & artist Piero Fornasetti

“I don’t limit myself, and nothing is too esoteric to be used as inspiration. I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual”.

UmbrellaStand“Greek Busts” Umbrella Stand

To the proverbial question: “what object would you save if your house caught fire?”, the answer without a doubt would be: this umbrella stand! It adorns my hallway and is one of my most prized possesions, a present from a very special person, who understands my love for all things Fornasetti…

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