Basket Case…

I am proud to be called a “Basket Case”

My passion for baskets is all shapes and forms from all over the world must be rooted in my African childhood. Growing up in Kenya, baskets were a feature in all aspects of life. “Oh no! Not another basket!” is a recurring exclamation from the man in my life…

There is something sexy and innocent about a girl nonchalantly swinging a basket as a tote bag…I once read the lovely Jane Birkin also has the basket bug…


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Force & Fragility

Egon Schiele 1890-1918

“Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal”

Egon Schiele is one of my favorite artists and during the opening night at the marvelous Neue Galerie in New York you could walk over the heads. Just before coming back to Paris, I was privileged to have a private showing with my friend Beth and her husband. We wandered around the empty rooms  and spent as much time as we wanted in front of every work…

For you, New Yorkers, the show is on until January 19, so hurry up!


Self Portrait

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